DK-YSM 2000W Single Mode CW Fiber Laser

2000W single mode fiber laser is a product of DK laser’s key advantage.It employs the framework of single resonant cavity, obtaining beam quality close to physical limit and achieving real single mode.The laser is the brightest of the lasers in thesame power level, and is widely used in different kinds of laser processing. The test result shows that this laser realizes cutting HR materials without false alarm; the speed of sheet cutting with this laser is dramatically higher than that with 3kW multi-mode fiber laser, and smooth edges can be attained in plate cutting. The modulation frequency of the laser can be 20kHz at maximum, and then high speed drilling can be implemented; and the WPE is higher than 40%, which is at the top level in the industry.

Advisory Message
Product Features
  • 01M2< 1.2
  • 02Good cutting performance
  • 03Processing fiber can be customized in length more than 20 meters
  • 04High WPE
Product Parameters