DK-YMM 6000W Multi-Mode CW Fiber Laser

The 6kW multi-mode fiber laser is developed on 2kW single-cavity, single mode fiber laser, with unique ultra-low losscombining technology. 3×1 fiber combining technology is applied in this product, by which stability higher than traditional 7×1 framework based on 1kW module is attained, and the size of product is sufficiently reduced. All of the key components like combiner, QBH connector and processing fiber are made in DK laser to ensure all the technology links are controllable. The product performs with remarkable stability in industrial applications, and preferably satisfies the requirements of heavy industry users.

Advisory Message
Product Features
  • 01Ultra high stability
  • 02High WPE
  • 03Outstanding processing capacity
  • 04Excellent Performance
Product Parameters