Bringing high brightness advantage and accelerating the localization process of fiber laser

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    Hunan DK Laser Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of fiber lasers and its core components. In the recent Laser World of Photonics China, the presentation of fiber laser products won the praise of many visitors.

  Core competitiveness: high brightness and anti-high reflection

  According to the OFweek, DK Laser has launched 1500W, 2000W, 3000W series single-mode fiber laser products, 4000W, 6000W, 10000W, 15000W and even higher multi-mode fiber laser products, as well as air cooling 500W, 1000W fiber laser series. The self-produced QBH output connector can withstand output power up to 20,000W, and the laser combiner can support 19-in-1 combination, which are world-leading techs.

  The core team of DK Laser has many years of  research experience, as well as  strong insights in academics, which enable them to realize industrial improvement and optimization at the physical level of the fiber laser source. It is also because of the professional fiber laser team that the company has finished the localization of core technologies such as high-power single-mode fiber lasers and passive fiber devices, especially in the field of high-brightness fiber laser.

  In this exhibition, the most popular productsare 2000W anti-high reflection single-mode fiber laser, high-brightness 6000W multi-mode fiber laser and 500W air cooling fiber laser. Among them, the 2000W fiber laser is the core product of DK Laser. The product adopts the patented technology of “fiber core anti-reflection”, through structural improvement, device selection, optical path design and physical modeling analysis, we have achieved anti-high reflection. According to the measured results, the laser can be non-stop working and avoid false alarms when cutting copper continuously, which ensures the continuity of processing. It also has unique advantages for copper and aluminum welding processes which can be widely used in new energy and new materials industry.

  Besides, the 2000W single-mode fiber laser adopts a single cavity structure, and the beam quality is close to the physical limit. It is a true single mode. The brightness is the highest among the competitor lasers. The cutting speed of the thin plate is significantly higher than that of the 3kW multi-mode fiber laser. For thick plates bright surface cutting is suitable and can be widely used in various types of laser processing. In terms of modulation frequency, up to 20 kHz, which can achieve high-speed piercing, and at the same time the wall-plug efficiency can be higher than 40%.

  What worth mentioning is that the 2kW product of DK Laser can achieve that the output power exceeding 2000W, M2<1.2, and output fiber length>15m at the same time, which can ensure the beam quality does not decrease in long-distance delivery cable. The 6000W multi-mode fiber laser is combined by three 2000W high-brightness modules. The core diameter of the fiber can be 50μm or 100μm, which makes the output more concentrated .

  The air cooling laser can be as high as 500W output. Through special refrigeration technology, the laser including QBH does not need water cooling, which greatly improves the portability and realizes the weight reduction and miniaturization of the product.

  Orders became big success at the beginning

  According to the general manager assistant Mr. Kang Lei, for current DK Laser 2000W fiber lasers ,they have completely mass production capability .Last year, the order amount exceeded 10 million, which is really a good result for a first year company into this field.

  For the future trend of the laser industry, Kang Lei said that he is very optimistic about the development trend of the industry. Although the laser industry has experienced an explosive growth in 2017, it has slowed down by 2018, but the overall trend is still rising. And in the future, the laser industry will be affected by the overall national policy and will usher in a new stage of development.


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