With the success in China Laser World, Pushing the development of high brightness fiber laser

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From March 20 to 22, 2019, the Laser World of Photonics China was held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. At the world's top laser industry event, DK Laser's high quality products and advanced technologies have received extensive attention, Reaching cooperation framework and receiving sales orders from a large amount of customers.

  ultra bright and fully update for the single mode lasers  

With the continuous expansion of lasers in industrial applications, the market's understanding of single-mode lasers has changed dramatically. DK Laseracting as the leader of domestic ultra-high brightness fiber laser, providethe DK-YSM 2000 AR model which is the only one in China that can achieve the combined conditions of “output power greater than 2000W, output cable up to 20m, beam quality M2<1.2”. The three-in-one DK-YMM 6000 model also supports 50 micron core-diameter high-brightness output, and the DK-YSM 3000 single-mode fiber laser that customers pay attention to at the show can also provide an enhanced customized version of the M2<1.2. These products are suitable for a wide range of industrial  applications.

 Excellent protection for the reflect laser  

  High-brightness laser sources are often used for the cutting and welding of non-ferrous metals with high laser reflectance. Therefore, single-mode fiber lasers without excellent anti-reflection capability have congenital defects. The anti-high-reaction ability is the core technology of DK Laser, and it is the key to the integration of DK Laser products. DK Laser's full range of models can support high anti-reflection technology. This exhibition also brought samples of copper and aluminum plate cutting, as well as welding samples of the same kind and different kinds of copper and aluminum. All the presentation were affirmed by customers in related fields

 Academic background accelerates development    

  The DK Laser team prides itself on the academic ability accumulated in the field of fiber lasers for more than a decade. This academic ability makes the R&D team able to understand user needs and propose solutions from a higher level. DK-YSM 4000 single cavity single mode fiber laser, DK-YMM 15000 high brightness multi-mode fiber laser, narrow linewidth fiber laser... These advanced products have been produced on the platform of DK Laser. And DK Laser is also aware of the pain points of industrial customers. The products launched are neither the reshaping of mature products in the market nor the vase products of the impact indicators, but a relentless and reliable high-quality work.

  The Laser World of Photonics China has came to a successful conclusion. The laser industry has undergone a short-term adjustment last year and is bound to develop to a new height this year. DK Laser will seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, and continue to provide customers with quality service and reliable products. In 2019, let’s create brilliant with the majority of equipment customers, end users and suppliers!


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