DK Laser Won LMN Awards -“2019 Chinese Industry Laser Innovation Contribution Awards”

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  At the LMN Awards 2019 awarding ceremony held in Shenzhen on May 8,2019,DK Laser 2000W single-mode fiber laser ( DK-YSM 2000 AR ) won the China Industrial Laser Innovation Contribution Award. The event was actively participated by a large number of enterprises in the industry. A judgement team including 17 experts was organized and led by Academician Fan Dianyuan from Chinese Academy of Engineering . After many stages such as online voting and expert review, the final award-winning enterprises were selected. The awarding ceremony presented the China Laser Industry Impact Enterprise Award , China Industrial Laser Innovation Contribution Award, China Laser Processing System Innovation Contribution Award, China Laser Support Product Innovation Contribution Award, China Outstanding Progress Laser Enterprise Award, China Laser Industry Outstanding Person Award, etc.

  Since the introduction to the market , DK-YSM 2000 AR single-mode fiber laser has been well received by customers with the two advantages “high brightness ”and “anti-reflection”. In the field of cutting application ,it can reach the same performance as traditional 3kW muti-mode fiber lasers , and high-reflective material can be cut for long time without interruption or alarm . For welding , it was also tested by authoritative uses and had a good performance on a wide process window , low laser power threshold. At the same time, due to its strong anti-high-reflection ability, it has obvious advantages in welding of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. It is a veritable professional laser source for high-reflection material processing .

  Based on the mature technology route of this product, DK Laser has launched single-mode 3000W fiber laser, as well as high-brightness multi-mode 6000W fiber laser. DK 3000W laser with the M2<1.3 , is still ultra-high brightness products close to the diffraction limit , 6000W multi-mode laser can be delivered by 50um fiber core ,the M2<4 with a obvious advantage compared with products of the same kind . DK Laser will continue to innovate and develop high quality products that meet the needs of all types of end users. we are committed to work with laser companies and industry elites and help China's intelligent manufacturing with the vigorous development of the laser industry!


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