A complete success for the cutting test of the DK Laser 2KW single-mode fiber laser prototype

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  During April 12 to 13,DK Laser completed the cutting capability test for the first 2kW single-mode fiber laser prototype ,with a standard 3015 fiber cutting machine .The test focused on normal materials like mild steel , stainless steel ,aluminum ,brass and cooper , obtained a large amount of reliable data . Test results demonstrate the outstanding performance of our high-power single-mode fiber lasers in cutting applications.

  The highlights of this test are mainly reflected in two aspects. Firstly, the perfect performance on high-reflective materials ,it is well known that high-reflective material is a big problem in laser cutting applications. High reflectivity may result in insufficient absorption of laser energy by the material, and strong back reflection may interfere with the working state or even cause damage to the laser. The laser of DK Laser effectively solves these two problems with the beam quality close to the diffraction limit and the unique anti-reflection design. According to the test results, with 125mm focus cutting head , the speed for 2mm aluminum ,brass and cooper is 15m/min,12m/min and 5m/min. Second , the performance for medium thickness material is superior to the same power muti-mode lasers. Considering the short focus length of the cutting head , the test used 1500W for cutting 5mm, 8mm and 12mm mild steel , the speed for 12mm can be as high as 1m/min, reached the same parameters compared with 2KW muti-mode fiber lasers , with the surface and performance even better . What worth mentioning is that the test data for cooper shows that the single-mode fiber lasers of DK Laser have reached world-class level.

  After the test, DK Laser will immediately start production line construction and transfer to mass production with the best product status. At the same time, we will further explore the laser processing technology and develop cutting heads that can fully utilize the high beam quality of our products. With above work, we will expand our business to different industry areas , carry out wider trial and start to accept bulk orders. Together with laser equipment integrators and end users, we will launch Chinese made laser source and develop a beautiful future.


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